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At Neiman Marcus's Inaugural Bejweled Gala, Fine Jewels Shone Brighter than Usual. Atendees were treated to high jewelry collections from Assael, Bayco, Boucheron, Chopard, Margot McKinney, and Paul Fisher Vintage & Rare....Standing alone, a sapphire necklace by Bayco, reminiscent of the Heart of the Ocean Rose wore in the Titanic movie, stood on a solo stand like a glamorous movie star. The whimsy was at the Chopard stand, where a ring depicted a hummingbird feeding from a massive yellow precious stone. Whose finger could withstand the weight? Who cares? There were other jewels forged in bird motifs, such as a Boucheron earring which a client gleefully tried on while a violinist powered a regal evening. "We wanted to bring to light the breadth of the assortment we have," Tatiana Birkelund, VP/GM Beauty & Jewelry at Neiman Marcus tells T&C. "Jewelry marks moments. You know, you can ask someone about a piece and they know exactly when they got it and why they got it... Photographs by Town & Country View Complete Article

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