the imperial emerald


Forty years ago, Amir Hadjibay made a generous offer on a mesmerizing, untreated, 206 carat Colombian emerald owned by a collector in Zurich, who flatly declined. Undaunted, Amir told him, “When you are ready to sell, please give me the opportunity to buy it.”

Four decades later, during the Baselworld Watch & Jewelry Show, the stone’s owner approached the Hadjibay family’s showcase unannounced and presented the emerald to Amir’s sons, Moris and Giacomo. The brothers instantly recognized the gem their father had described, and they purchased it without hesitation, knowing they would never come across another example of similar size and beauty. The Hadjibay family considers it priceless, especially as their ability to acquire it represents a lifelong investment in cultivating the right connections. Long-standing relationships and mutual trust drive deals in the high-end gem world, and the Hadjibay family has remained one of the most respected dealers for more than 70 years. As a result, they have acces to some of the world’s greatest treasures--many of them so rare that they never appear at auctions, changing hands instead among only a few discreet international brokers. “In this business,” says Moris, “your reputation is most important.”

“We are not just jewelers, we are collectors. We fall in love with the most beautiful gems and leave everything else behind.”

-Giacomo Hadjibay

A 206 carat gem quality unenhanced cushion Colombian emerald.

Unveiled to the world at the Baselworld Exhibtion on April 25, 2013, The Imperial Emerald is the rarest emerald to date and is one of the most precious gemstones to ever exist. A 206 carat gem quality unenhanced Colormbian emerald is a true anamoly in nature.

Emeralds are sought-after gemstones, and have been throughout history; in fact a truly fine emerald may be more valuable than a diamond of the same size. These gems range in size from very small to very large, however the rarity of finding one of this magnitude is rather exceptional. Colombian emeralds set the highest standards of quality for all emeralds, which are differentiated from other stones by the quality of their color: a shining green without any bluish tint. They are also prized for their transparency, crystallization and fire. The green color that this gem possesses is generally considered more desirable and the slight natural mineral inclusions add to the stone’s carachter.

The Imperial Emerald has been praised with certificates containing extensive special comments by all the laboratories which certified it, including Gubelin, AGL, GIA, C Dunaigre Consulting, and GRS. It has also received a Gem Portrait by Gubelin, a JewelFolio by AGL, and Monograph by the GIA. Each of these is a detailed book made by each lab which is reserved only for extremely rare and exceptional stones.


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