Quality & CraftsmanshipThroughout decades, the name Bayco bas become synonymous with quality.



Bayco has always conceived its jewels as exclusive creations. There are very few collections which are crafted in small series, including the Flowers Collection, the Pret-a-Porter Collection, and the Lotus Collection. The vast majority of jewels created are one of a kind pieces, which are rare for two reasons; first and foremost, the quality of the gemstones, and secondly the quality of the design and craftsmanship.


Throughout decades, the name Bayco bas become synonymous with quality. This is because Amir Hajibay had a simple dream; to collect the most precious stones in the world. His motto was simple, “buy only the best and leave the rest for the competition”. Today, more than ever, quality and fine craftsmanship remain the tenet for creation at Bayco. Each masterpiece is hand crafted and set with the purest gemstones of the finest color. Every aspect of each jewel is personally inspected by a member of the Hadjibay family throughout the production process to make sure it stands by all the requirements embodied in the Marque of Excellence, the most exclusive quality standard in the industry.


Each jewel is designed specifically around the stones that it carries. Like a bespoke tailor creating a dress for a specific muse, our process begins with the stone rather that the design. Each design is a custom creation made specifically to accentuate the utmost beauty of each stone.


Since its foundation, Bayco has prided itself on finding the most precious stones in the world. Through various channels, whether directly from the mines or from estates of important families, the Hadjibays are able to source the best there is in precious gemstones. Each stone has to pass the Bayco quality standards which look at the size, color, clarity, shape, cut, and luster of a gemstone.


Every piece is hand crafted in the Bayco Atelier in New York. The team of jewelers that has been assembled over decades is a melting pot of international experience. Master jewelers experienced in various styles from different regions of the world come together to create a collective level of experience that is unparalleled globally to help bring Bayco creations to life.


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