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Magnificent collection

Fashions may fade, but classic jewelry always stands the best of time. With this concept in mind, The Magnificent Collection consists of classic jewels with elegant stone-centric designs that leave all in awe.

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The Mogul Collection is inspired by the fabulous jewels of the Indian Maharajas. Majestic carved emeralds, rubies, and diamonds are designed with a modern twist on the classic mogul era jewels.

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chic collection

Finding the right melange of colors is the skill of a master artist. The Chic Collection jewels are a kaleidescope of beautiful sapphires in every shade Mother Nature intended, creating a happy and vibrant look.

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WHITE ROSES collection

The White Roses Collection is comprised of modern designs set with antique cut stones, bringing together the beauty of modern design and crafsmanship with the charm and mystery of the ancient world.

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forms collection

A nod to the past with a modern design approach. The Forms Collection is an array of jewels set with vibrant gemstones in 18kt yellow and white gold.

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cosmopolitan collection

Modern jewels for the modern woman. The Cosmopolitan Collection is a selection of sophisticated jewels elegant enough to wear at night but also simple enough to wear during the day.

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ultimate collection

Some jewels are true statement pieces. The Ultimate Collection is an assortment of the best in high jewelry. Exceptional gemstones set in classic designs, these are jewels crafted for royalty and the global elite.

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“The look of awe and excitement in a client’s eyes the first time they see one of our jewels is the most satisfying feeling of accomplishment”

- Moris Hadjibay


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