Knowledge & EducationKings used to wear sapphire around their necks as a powerful defense against harm. The stone preserved the wearer from envy and attracted divine favor.



In ancient times it was believed that Earth either rested on, or was set in, a magnificent sapphire that turned the sky blue in the reflected sunlight - a beautiful description, as sapphire occurs in every imaginable shade of blue, mathcing the changing moods of the skies. Blue sapphires can come in many different shades ranging from a pastel blue, to cornflower blue and royal blue, which are the two most sought after shades, all the way to a dark grayish blue. Although sapphires are known mostly for their blue color, they come in all colors.

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One of the most significant events to occur in the realm of blue sapphires took place in the early 1880s, when a rockslide in the Himalayan Mountains of Kashmir revealed a source of blue sapphires which has become legendary for the exquisite gems recovered there. Although Kashmir has produced only a limited number of gems as the mine was exhausted in 1946, the soft velvety cornflower blue color of Kashmir sapphires remain the epitome of this gem variety, one highly regarded by connoisseurs and collectors alike.


As with rubies, the remote valley of Mogok also became a primary source for gem quality sapphires. Although sapphire mining still continues in Burma, the amount of material that is exhumed is quite minimal. Top quality Burmese sapphires are coveted for their exceptional crytsal material, vibrant brilliance, and royal blue color.

Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

The island of Ceylon was the world’s first source of spaphires and remained the premier supplier of these gem quality stones for centuries. Many consider Ceylon sapphires among the best in the world. Known for their beautiful blue hue, even color saturation, and exceptional clarity, the finest of the Ceylon sapphires come from the renowned Elahera mines, the best of which are of such exceptional quality that they can be compared to the legendary Kashmir stones.


For the past two decades Madagascar has experienced a sapphire rush. Although sapphires have been known to exist in Madagascar as early as the 16th century, serious sapphire mining on the island is a relatively recent phenomenon due to the quality of the new meterial. Today top quality Madagascar sapphires are as requested as their Ceylon counterparts. Sapphires from Madagascar are known to have a beautiful vivid blue color, high clarity, and exellent brilliancy.

Other Sapphire Sources inclue: Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, China, Colombia, India, Kenya, Laos, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, USA, and Vietnam.


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