the house of baycoTo purchase a piece of Bayco jewelry is to become the guardian of an artistic tradition that continues to inspire extraordinary creations.



Bayco is one of the few truly independent High Jewelry houses left in the world. Its independence enables it to control its own destiny while pursuing a long term vision. This allows the company to be quick and nimble when it comes to making key decisions. For example, when there is an opportunity to acquire a rare gemstone, it is first offered to buyers who can make decisions quickly. Being able to have that first choice of selecting gemstones before the competition is paramount in making jewelry. In a large corporate environment this cannot happen as there needs to be multiple approvals before a significant purchase is made, whereas in a family business like Bayco the decision can often be made immedately. The jewelry production also benefits from creative freedom, allowing the development of unique jewels. The jewels are made in-house whithin the Bayco Atelier in New York according to it own quality criteria that are set forth by the Hadjibay family and stamped the The Marque of Excellence. The determination to remain independent is a core philosophy of Bayco; it guarantees continuity, resilience and trustworthiness.


The Penthouse

654 Madison Avenue
22nd floor
New York, NY 10065

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